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Hey all, Welcome to ZIP Labs! The idea for this enterprise started out as a 14 year-old's dream of inspiring a generation to make the world a better place. The name carried with it a vision for inspiring our generation to be agents of change, while keeping in mind that it's not good to have zeal without knowledge. For the longest time the dream gathered dust on notebooks and napkin doodles. Over the past few years though, we’ve worked to build it into an organization to be proud of. 

At ZIP, we understand that improving our world is an everyday kind of business. A wealth of social issues exist and none of them can be addressed overnight. However,  we think we can make incremental world change a bit easier along the way. Our guiding belief is that heroism isn’t limited to the grandiose, but takes place in the everyday actions accomplished together over time. 

Each project lab is designed to test a specific mechanism for inspiring and equipping everyday heroism – a heroism marked by the conscious and proactive care for others. Borrowing from the field of Behavioral Science, we focus on reducing barriers to and maximizing the benefits of such behaviors. 

Three of the largest barriers to heroism are apathy, ignorance, and unpreparedness. We hypothesize that apathy can be combated with empathy, ignorance with well-packaged information, and unpreparedness with strategic catalysts for action. These three pillars make up the foundation of our work. 

As a 501(c)(3) organization, Zeal Inspirational (aka the Zeal Inspirational Philanthropy Lab) is organized and operated exclusively for philanthropic purposes. We believe that if you convince one person to care about an issue you’ve made an impact, but if you compel a person to proactively care for others you’ve cultivated a hero.

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