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The Entertainment Lab exists to inspire care for the people around us. We create entertaining content that elicits empathy and inspires action. 

  • The Observation – Story is one of the most compelling means for transmitting values and generating empathy.

  • The Hypothesis – The world's complexity can be displayed via a collection of consistently formatted narratives.

  • The Experiment – ZIP Comics

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The Education Lab exists to make it easier to learn about the complex issues that plague society. We package educational content into easily digestible chunks of information that can be more easily consumed than raw content by itself.

  • The Observation – It is not good to have zeal without knowledge.

  • The Hypothesis – Complex information is easier to consume when packaged into discrete, organized summaries.

  • The Experiment – Project Iota


The Engagement Lab exists to make it easier for individuals and organizations to effectively bring about positive social change. We engage in a mix of paid and pro-bono consulting projects, generating shareable case studies that serve as practical guides for accomplishing a social mission. 

  • The Observation – Many nonprofits are overwhelmed and underresourced.

  • The Hypothesis – Dedicated project leads working with qualified collaborators can accomplish work more efficiently than consultant teams or volunteer teams outright.

  • The Experiment – Project Springboard